Customer service KPIs

Customer service KPIs

Customer service plays the most important role in any organization and highlights the overall view of the company. Good steps can be taken to progress towards the goals in condition of indentifying them with the good definitions. When coming to apply measurements in the right way, these measurements are the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Nearly all customer service organizations understand the importance of KPIs and are interested in taking it into consideration for the number of calls answered during the first minute. The goals of company will be met whatever the performance indicators are. They should not only be considered for a long time, they should be measurable as well.
If the key performance indicators are taken into customer service in the right direction, the goals could be changed and help the company get achievements. And key metrics also need to be directed in accordance with right way, as only then the problems could be sorted easily. It is a good idea to see ways that the customer service is being offered when using the KPIs.
Factually using the KPIs in the customer service will bring a lot of profits to the company. In case there is repeating evaluation on same customers, the KPIs will not make worth. The idea is to serve new customers as well, and to get a great deal of benefits out of it. The indicators from the KPIs should definitely be quantifiable.

After considering the performance indicators, the result and process for improvement are taken into assessment carefully. Especially it’s necessary to take priority in the customer service; it is very crucial factor for the company to have great chance to do business better.

Customer is the center of everything. Customer oriented quality and service is the number one priority and at the same time the company will keep a key role and take advance actions in business. Moreover, the performance indicators in customer service would give the company revenue in great amounts.

I. KPI examples of Customer service dept

• The number of purchase is the number of customers shopping in a unit time.

• Frequency impact is the number of care in a unit time.

• You need to determine the frequency and are enough or not.

• Rate = total cost of service / total customers

• The let you know how much the investment cost for the customer care.

• You can compare this rate with the rate of direct competitors to analyze it reasonable or not?

• Rate = total cost of service / total profit.

• The rate let you know 1 unit of currency profit, you take how many % to customer care.

• Collect 20% of the customers accounted for 80% of your sales.

II. Steps to create KPIs of Customer service dept

• Setting up job purpose of Customer service department.

• Setting up key responsibilities/key KRAs of this department.

• Setting up elements that how to measure each KRA.

• Setting up KPI of each KRA.

• Summarize all KPIs of each department.

III. KPIs of each position of Customer service field

• Customer service director.
• Customer service manager.
• Customer service assistant.
• Customer service supervisor.
• Customer service specialist.
• Customer service coordinator.
• Customer service clerk.

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