Project KPIs

Project KPIs

Companies that sell services to other businesses like project management, data management, software development or IT consultancies, for example-often track time in order to automate invoicing. However they may be ignoring other benefits these systems can provide. Actual time to access related Key Performance Indicators such as “percent billable” and “completed vs. estimated” may give warnings of project problems and help your company grow faster and get more profits. Firstly I want to explain to you what the KPIs are, then show you how to use some basic KPIs in order to take advance for you company through data labor source. Let’s start with understanding of what the KPIs are. Why we call put “key” into “key performance indicator”. It means that your KPI has to be one of a very few things which are measured and will make a specific difference to your business long-term. Besides, a KPI calculate progress reaching a strategic goal. If you have 100 KPIs, then you’re not going to be able to use any of them to drive organizational behavior because your company doesn’t have 100 strategic goals. It is effective to use 10 KPIs, better to 5 KPIs, and ideal to use KPI.

I. KPI examples of Project dept


II. Steps to create KPIs of Project dept

• Setting up job purpose of Project department.

• Setting up key responsibilities/key KRAs of this department.

• Setting up elements that how to measure each KRA.

• Setting up KPI of each KRA.

• Summarize all KPIs of each department.

III. KPIs of each position of Project field

• Project director.
• Project manager.
• Project assistant.
• Project supervisor.
• Project specialist.
• Project coordinator.
• Project clerk.

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